Book Wendy as a Speaker

There are two ways you can book Wendy as a speaker.

If you are a non-profit, you may apply through the Humanities NY Public Scholars Program.

Wendy’s Public Scholar topics are “The Game is Afoot: Sherlock Holmes in Film and Fiction,” “American War Writing,” “America in the 1940s,” and “An Impossibility in an Impossible Universe: What Science Fiction Teaches Us About Being Human.”

If you wish to book Wendy directly, you may do so by contacting her at In addition to the topics above, Wendy also speaks on “Stephen King’s American Wasteland,” “Detective Fiction and Film Noir,” “Westerns in Film and Fiction,” and “Brooklyn in Film and Fiction.”

Wendy’s speaker’s fees are as follows:

Metropolitan New York Area: $500.00 plus expenses.
Greater New York Area (including Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut): $750.00 plus expenses.
Upstate New York: $1,000.00 plus expenses.
East Coast from Boston to Washington, DC: $1,500.00 plus expenses.
Areas outside the above locations: $2,000.00 and up plus expenses.