Teaching Experience

St. Francis College September 2015 to present
Associate Professor – Department of English
Awarded tenure in January 2015.

St. Francis College September 2010 to August 2015
Assistant Professor – Department of English
Faculty member in Women’s Studies Program and American Studies Program.

St. Francis College September 2007 to August 2010
Lecturer – Department of English

St. Francis College January 2004 to May 2007
Adjunct Instructor – Department of English

St. Francis College January 2003 to May 2007
Adjunct Instructor – Department of Philosophy

New Course Offerings (Designed and Taught)

Literature Courses:
• Contemporary American Women’s Poetry
• Literature of the American Civil Rights Movement
• Major Authors: Elizabeth Bishop
• Introduction to Digital Humanities

Upper-Division English Seminars:
• American Wasteland: King, here McCarthy and Post-Apocalyptic Literature
• Cyborgs, ambulance Monsters and the Transhuman (Tutorial)
• Echoes of Gettysburg: History, viagra order Myth and Storytelling
• Nuclear Nightmares: Storytelling After the A-Bomb
• Ray Bradbury: Storyteller
• Thesis Research and Proposal (Tutorial)
• Translation and Adaptation
• Young Adult Literature (for Education Majors with an English Concentration)

Honors Courses:
• Freshman Seminar 2009 (Semester 1: Aesthetics / Semester 2: Film & Literature)
• Freshman Seminar 2013/2014 (Semester 1: Life out of Balance / Semester 2: Sustainable Environment
• Upper-Division Seminar: Metaphors of Movement in Women’s Poetry
• Upper-Division Seminar: Science Fiction and the Examined Life (Team-Designed and Taught)

Interdisciplinary Courses:
• America in the 1940s (Offered in the American Studies Program)
• Crime, Justice and American Literature (Team-Designed and Taught)
• Philosophy and the Moving Image (Team-Designed and Taught)
• Philosophy and Science Fiction (Team-Designed and Taught)

Departmental Courses (Revised and Taught)

Literature Courses:
• Auster, Updike and the Postmodern Novel
• Basic Writing (Developmental Freshman Composition)
• Brooklyn: Film & Fiction
• The Emerging Female Voice
• From the Detective Story to Romance Novels: Genre and Theory
• Gender and Identity in American Literature
• Readings in American Literature 1950-2001
• War and Writing in American Literature

Composition Courses:
• Basic Writing (Developmental Freshman Composition)
Traditional and Hybrid Sections
• Business Communication
Converted to an Online Course
• Writing in the Public Sphere (Freshman Composition)
Traditional, Hybrid and Online Sections
Linked Sections (with Basic Problems in Philosophy course)

Master Syllabi Developed for Future Courses

• America in the 1960s
• From the Earth to the Moon: SF and Space Travel
• Literature of World War I
• Upper-Division English Seminar: Norma Jean and the Construction of Marilyn Monroe