Academic Service

Saint Joseph’s College        December 2021 to present
Member, Sustainable Hospitality Program Working Group
        Collaborate with faculty colleagues to develop a plan for a new undergraduate program that focuses on sustainable hospitality and community health. Work to shape, modify, and improve the proposed program.

Saint Joseph’s College        November 2021 to present
Member, Pilot HyFlex Faculty Group
        Collaborate with faculty colleagues to experiment with online delivery modalities to help drive innovation in classroom instruction at the College.

Saint Joseph’s College        October 2021 to present
Member, JEDI in the Curriculum Workshop
        Collaborate with College colleagues on methods to incorporate justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the College’s curriculum. 

Saint Joseph’s College        September 2021 to present
Member, Senior VP for Learning and Programs Search Committee
        Assist in structuring and undertaking the search for a new Vice President for Learning and Programs.

Saint Joseph’s College/The BTS Center        September 2021 to present
Member, BTS Research Collaborative
        Participate in a co-learning community of leaders from Northern New England organizations to engage with the question “How would organizations act differently today if they embodied an ecological imagination?”

Saint Joseph’s College        August 2021 to present
Member, College Retirement Investment Committee
        Participate in monitoring fund performance and selection to ensure investment offerings remain “Best in Class.”

Saint Joseph’s College        March 10, 2021
Discussant, Front Row with the Faculty with Stephen King
        Held a one-on-one conversation with the author about his work and his literary legacy.

Saint Joseph’s College        February 2021 to April 2021
Participant, Spring Book Club
        Presented by the Office of Sponsorship and Mission Integration and funded by a NetVUE grant, the book club discusses one work per semester.

Saint Joseph’s College        January 2021 to May 2021
Corresponding Secretary, Faculty Executive Committee
        Handled appropriate correspondence between the Executive Committee and the members of the Faculty Senate. Worked with other members of the Executive Committee to further the mission and goals of the College. Worked, with other Executive Committee members, to represent the faculty’s interests to College Administrators and the Board of Trustees.

Saint Joseph’s College        January 2021 to present
Member, Make Mercy Real at SJC
        Assisted in planning March 2021 events for the Feast of Saint Joseph and for Mercy Week in Fall 2021.

Saint Joseph’s College        January 2021 to present
Co-Director, NEH Summer Institute Grant Writing Project Team
        Assist in preparation of NEH Grant proposal for the Summer Institute “Entangled Horrors: Religion, Place, Race, and Gender in New England Gothic Literature.”

Saint Joseph’s College        October 28, 2020
Presenter, Front Row with the Faculty
        Presented on, and led a discussion of, “Stephen King’s American Gothic.”

Saint Joseph’s College        October 27, 2020
Presenter, Coffee and Conversation
        Led a discussion of Stephen King’s short story “The Reach” as part of Saint Joseph’s Integrative Aging Initiative program.

Saint Joseph’s College        September 2020 to present
Co-Chair, All-College Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Participate in matters of assessment and evaluation.

Saint Joseph’s College        August 2020 to present
Member, Learning Commons Committee
        Support the work of the College’s Learning Commons, including the Wellehan Library.

Saint Joseph’s College        June 2020 to September 2020
Member, NEH Grant Implementation Team
        Assisted in preparation of NEH Grant application for development of a new interdisciplinary program on sustainability.

Saint Joseph’s College        May 12, 2020
Presenter, Coffee and Conversation
        Led a discussion of Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “At the Fishhouses” as part of Saint Joseph’s Integrative Aging Initiative program.

Saint Joseph’s College        February 2020 to October 2021
Member, NECHE Self-Study Working Group
        Organized, managed, and help produce a report on the College’s Educational Effectiveness as described in Standard Eight of NECHE’s Standards for Accreditation.

Saint Joseph’s College        January 2020 to present
Guest Lecturer, Senior Business Seminar
        Guest lecture once a semester on writing an effective professional biography in Professor Laurie Murphy’s course.

Saint Joseph’s College       November 2019 to April 2020
Member, Curriculum Positioning Steering Committee
        Gathered information on how other institutions have addressed issues of declining enrollment. Worked with SJC community to identify the College’s niche identity. Conducted a literature search for material helpful to upcoming faculty discussions of possible curriculum and/or policy changes that could increase enrollment. Provided forums to provide the opportunity for faculty to begin working on solutions to challenges posed by declining enrollment.

Saint Joseph’s College       October 23, 2019
Presenter, Graduate School Application Essay Workshop
        Developed and presented a workshop for students planning to attend graduate school.

Saint Joseph’s College       July 2019 to June 2021
Chair, Department of English
        Carried out and oversaw the daily work of the English Department. Represented the department to both internal and external academic constituencies. Oversaw hiring of faculty. Mentored, supervised and evaluated junior faculty and adjuncts. Aided in curriculum development both within the department and in collaboration with other disciplines. Promoted academic excellence within the department, with a focus on teaching and research. Recruited students for the English Major and Minor. Advised and guided students (English Majors/Literature Concentration, English Majors/Writing Concentration, English Majors/Secondary Education Minors, Writing & Publishing Majors) both academically and personally. Facilitated and promoted retention of faculty and students. Promoted faculty and student projects, both research-based and creative. Scheduled classes. Developed new courses, and assisted with new course development by English faculty. Managed departmental budget, including planning for each Fiscal Year’s spending. Supported College’s strategic goals. Oversaw department’s role in maintaining College’s accreditation. Handled grievances from both students and departmental faculty. Program promotion and outreach both within Saint Joseph’s College and in the larger community. Developed interdisciplinary relationships with other college departments. Provided a safe, inclusive, and visible space where faculty and students would feel comfortable discussing issues that arose around their life at the College. Worked to develop synergy between on-campus and online English offerings, including moving toward integrating the two programs.

Saint Joseph’s College        May 2019 to December 2020
Member, Internship Working Group 
        Reviewed and revised policies regulating students’ participation in both on-campus and off-campus internships.

Saint Joseph’s College       April 30, 2019
Presenter, MABLab! Workshop on Cover Letters/Résumés
        Developed and presented a workshop for students to develop professional cover letters and résumés.

Saint Joseph’s College        April 2019 to May 2020
Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Core Curriculum Changes
        Reviewed and revised policies on proposing and instituting changes to the College’s Core Curriculum.

Saint Joseph’s College        September 2019 to present
e-Portfolio “Superuser”
        Developed and implemented tagging system for English course assignments. Provide support and instruction to English faculty.

Saint Joseph’s College        September 2018 to May 2019
Member, Intentionality Task Force
        Provided recommendations for integrating College Institutes and Mission Aligned Businesses (MABs) into the curriculum. Provided recommendations for instituting the e-portfolio assessment system throughout the curricula and programs. Found opportunities to develop synergy between online and on-campus programs.

Saint Joseph’s College        August 2018 to August 2019
Member, Graduate Educational Policies Committee
        Reviewed and evaluated current and proposed policies for the College’s graduate and online programs.

St. Francis College        October 2017 to August 2018
Designated Editor, Middle States Self-Study Report
        Responsible for determining the format of the college’s accreditation self-study report, including proofreading and revising for consistency.

St. Francis College        October 16, 2017
Organizer, Design Thinking Workshop
        Organized and presented an introductory workshop on Design Thinking.

St. Francis College        September 28, 2017
Guest Lecturer, Documentary Film Course
        Presented lecture on Walt Whitman in Professor Augusta Palmer’s film course.

St. Francis College        June 2017 to present
Member, Faculty Coordinating Committee
        Committee members serve as a communication channel between administration and faculty, and conduct open meetings to discuss issues which will be presented to the Faculty Assembly.

St. Francis College        February 2016 to present
Member, Online Learning Task Force
Help develop guidelines and protocols for online and hybrid course offerings. Evaluate ways to integrate blended learning into College’s Professional Studies Program.
+++Member of Best Practices Sub-Group.

St. Francis College        February 22 to 25, 2017
Attendee at AAC&U General Education Conference
Attended American Association of Colleges & Universities Conference on General Education & Assessment: Design Thinking for Student Learning in Washington DC to gather ideas for
+++assessment of the college’s new General Education Program.

St. Francis College        February 8 to 11, 2017
Representative at AWP Conference
        Helped launch the college’s low-residency MFA in Creative Writing at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Washington, DC.

St. Francis College        October 2016 to December 2016
Member, General Education Cooperative
        A member of the first cohort of faculty providing assessment data for new General Education Program. Assessed and reported on students’ achievement of course Student Learning Objectives.

St. Francis College        September 2016 to present
Chair and Member, Professional Standards Committee

St. Francis College        February 2016 to December 2016
Member, Year of Respect Campaign Planning Group
        Helped guide adoption of Women’s Center’s Respect Initiative’s Year of Respect as a college-wide program.

St. Francis College        January 2016 to present
Advisor, Girl Up!
        Faculty advisor for student-run chapter of the United Nation’s Girl Up! program.

St. Francis College        November 2015 to present
Founder, The Respect Initiative
Designed, organized, and initiated the College’s Respect Initiative. Run under the auspices of the Women’s Center/Women’s Studies Minor, the Initiative became a College-wide program
+++at the end of 2017.

St. Francis College        November 2015 to present
Organizer and Leader, Graduate School Application Essay Workshop
        Conceived, established, and organized annual workshop to assist students who are writing graduate school application essays. Present workshop each Fall semester.

St. Francis College        November 2015 to June 2016
Member, Faculty Nominations Committee
        Appointed by the Provost.

St. Francis College        September 2015 to August 2017
Co-Director, Women’s Center/Women’s Studies Minor
Carried out and oversaw the daily work of the Center/Minor. Recruited and retained students in the Women’s Studies Minor. Supported faculty and student research and projects in
+++gender-related topics within multiple disciplines. Planned course offerings in the Women’s Studies Minor. Organized events related to the missions of the Women’s Center (cultural
+++awareness, activism, social justice, gender equality) and the Women’s Studies Minor (feminist theory; gender studies; women in literature, arts and science; biological, psychological
+++and social aspects of women and gender). Programming promotion and outreach within SFC and to the larger Brooklyn Heights community. Promoted awareness of gender issues within SFC.
+++Supported student groups working on gender issues (e.g. Girl Up!, LGBTQ Club). Budget review each fiscal year. Helped organize and promote Women’s Caucus meetings. Participated in Title IX
+++work at SFC. Provided leadership for faculty and students wishing to engage in activism which responds to gender issues both at SFC and in society as a whole. Worked to strengthen alliances
+++within and outside of SFC to promote awareness of gender issues and to make positive contributions to the lives of both women and men. Reviewed and revised Center and Minor catalogue
+++listings. Represented the Women’s Center/Women’s Studies Minor at college meetings and events. Provided a safe, inclusive, visible space where faculty and students could feel comfortable
+++discussing issues which arose around gender. Valued and supported the work and achievements of female students and female faculty.

St. Francis College        September 2015 to present
Member, Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention
        Work with faculty, administration and staff to determine how the College can help prevent sexual assault.

St. Francis College        December 2014 to present
WAC/WID Coordinator, Writing Program
Provide outreach to faculty to encourage adoption of WAC/WID practices throughout the College. Develop programs and workshops to support faculty adoption of WAC/WID practices.
+++Work with individual faculty members on assignment design, rubric design and writing instruction within each faculty member’s discipline.

St. Francis College        October 2014 to present
Member, Title IX Advisory Committee
        Work on all aspects of Title IX compliance, with a focus on the effects on faculty and students.

St. Francis College        September 2014 to May 2015
Member, Ad Hoc Faculty Technology Committee
        Worked on all aspects of faculty use of technology on campus.

St. Francis College        September 2014 to August 2015
Director, Women’s Center/Women’s Studies Minor 

St. Francis College        July 1, 2014 to present
Chair, Department of English
+++Carry out and oversee the daily work of the English Department. Facilitate departmental programs. Represent the department to both internal and external academic constituencies. Oversee
+++hiring of new full-time and adjunct faculty. Mentor, supervise and evaluate junior faculty and adjuncts. Guide senior faculty through the post-tenure review process. Observe and evaluate
+++adjunct and non-tenure-track faculty yearly. Aid in curriculum development both within the department and in collaboration with other disciplines. Promote academic excellence within
+++the department, with a focus on teaching and research. Recruit students for the English Major and Minor. Advise and guide students (English Majors, Education Majors/English Concentration, and
+++Communication Majors/English Concentration) both academically and personally. Facilitate and promote retention of faculty and students. Promote faculty and student projects, both
+++research-based and creative. Schedule classes. Develop new courses, and assist with new course development by English faculty. Manage departmental budget, including planning for each
+++Fiscal Year’s spending. Support College’s strategic goals. Oversee department’s role in maintaining College’s accreditation, including the departmental Quinquennial Review. Handle grievances
+++from both students and departmental faculty. Programming promotion and outreach both within St. Francis College and in the larger Brooklyn community. Develop interdisciplinary relationships
+++with other college departments. Organize and present events sponsored by the English Department. Provide a safe, inclusive and visible space where faculty and students can feel comfortable
+++discussing issues that arise around their life at the college.

St. Francis College        June 2014 to August 2014
Member, Faculty LMS Pilot
        Tested Design2Learn, a learning management system.

St. Francis College        October 2013 to present
Founder and Board Member, Institute for Brooklyn Aesthetics
        Currently continuing work to establish the Institute and overseeing, with other board members, the scheduling and organization of events (including art shows, panels and lectures).

St. Francis College        September 2013 to August 2014
Co-Director, Women’s Center/Women’s Studies Minor 

St. Francis College        September 2013 to May 2016
Member, Library Committee
        Chair from September 2013 to May 2016.

St. Francis College        March 2013 to present
Director, Women’s Poetry Initiative
        Organize Fall and Spring reading series, sponsor workshops for female poets (both students and faculty), promote women’s poetry in the classroom and the college community.

St. Francis College        December 2012 to present
Poetry Coordinator, Low-Residency MFA Program
        Assisted in the development of new MFA program at the College. Act as liaison with the poetry community.

St. Francis College        March and April 2012
Member, Title III Grant Writing Group

St. Francis College        September 2011 to August 2014
Member, Student Behavior Committee

St. Francis College        January 2011 to May 2013
Advisor, Student Club The Walk
        Faculty advisor for student-run feminist fashion club. Advised on publication of Vicieux, the club’s fashion magazine.

St. Francis College        January 2011 to June 2011
Assessment Fellow
        Participated in project to develop outcomes assessment policies, procedures and guidelines for the college.

St. Francis College        January 2011 to August 2014
Member, Academic Standards and Admissions Committee
        Chair, September 2011 to August 2014.

St. Francis College        September 2010 to December 2010
Member, Statutes Committee
        Appointed by Provost to fill in for faculty member on sabbatical.

St. Francis College        February 2010 to Present
Member, Student Recognition Day Committee
        Chair, September 2013 to present.

St. Francis College        September 2009 to May 2010
Designer, Academic Enhancement Center Pilot Program
Designed and instituted, with AEC Director, a pilot program that placed a tutor in one Basic Writing section each semester. The goal of the program was to prove the efficacy of such
+++a placement, and provide the impetus (and justification) to expand the program into other courses.

St. Francis College        March 2009 to March 2011
Member, Academic Enhancement Center Advisory Council

St. Francis College        Spring 2000 to Spring 2005
Member, Liberal Arts Colloquium
Attended presentations and participated in discussions exploring the roles played by various disciplines in the liberal arts.

St. Francis College        November 1998 to December 2003
Director, Teacher, and Workshop Leader, Seniors’ Writing Project
        Conceived and designed workshop program for senior citizens. Worked with core group of writers in intensive workshops. Led a minimum of one creative writing workshop each semester.

St. Francis College        April 1998 to present
Organizer, Favorite Poem Project
Organize and lead yearly National Poetry Month celebration.

St. Francis College        January 1997 to May 2000
Artistic Director, Live Poets Society
        Founding member and workshop leader for poetry group. Organized and presented Fall and Spring readings for the Society.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum        September 1996 to March 1998
Research Intern
        Online and archival research for June-October 1998 show, Fountains: Splash and Spectacle, and accompanying book.