CUNY Graduate Center      June 2009
Ph.D. in English
Dissertation: She’s Poetry in Motion: Metaphors of Movement
in Some Contemporary American Women’s Poetry

Pratt Institute      May 2000
Pratt Library School Distinguished Achievement Award

CUNY Baccalaureate Program      September 1997
B.A. in English, cum laude
Areas of Concentration: English Literature, Women’s Studies


DePaul University’s Values-Centered Leadership Online Workshop II (January to March 2021)
MLA Workshop, Advocating for Your Department (January 2021)
Bard College’s Writer as Reader Workshop, The Sonnet: Shakespeare, Contemporary Sonneteers, and the Development of Form (October 2020)
DePaul University’s Values-Centered Leadership Online Workshop I (April to June 2020)
Bard College’s Writer as Reader Workshop, The Pride of Wisdom: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Ray Kurzweil’s “The Coming Merger of Mind and Machine” (December 2013)

Adobe Workshops
Creative Educator Level 1 (October 2020)
Exploring Graphic Design with Your Students (January 2020)
Photojournalism (June/July 2019)
Podcasting for Educators (June 2019)
Character Design for Educators (June/July 2019)
Explainer Videos (May/June 2019)
Video for Educators (April/May 2019)
Making Humanities Creative (March 2019)
Documentaries in the Classroom (October/November 2018)

Quality Matters Workshops
Teaching Online Certificate (Earned May 2020)
        Assessing Your Learners (May 2020)
        Creating Presence in Your Online Course (April 2020)
        Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies (April 2020)
        Orienting Your Online Learners (April 2020)
        Exploring Your Institution’s Policies (March 2020)
        Evaluating Your Course Design (February 2020)
        Gauging Your Technology Skills (February 2020)
Teaching Online: An Introduction to Online Delivery (June 2019)
Designing Your Online Course (May 2018)
Applying the QM Rubric (April 2018)

NCTE, Mindful Writing Series (September 2020)
Chronicle of Higher Education, Structuring a Course So That All Students Participate (September 2020)
Quality Matters: Building a HyFlex Course to Support Student Success (August 2020)
NetVUE: Courageous Texts, Courageous Teaching (July 2020)
Quality Matters Success Stories: Beyond the Humdrum of “Post Once and Reply to Two Others” (July 2020)
W.W. Norton: Flexible Teaching for Fall with The Norton Field Guide to Writing (July 2020)
The Teagle Foundation: The “Cornerstone” Approach to Reinvigorating the Liberal Arts (January 2020)
Chronicle of Higher Education: Using High-Tech Tools in the Classroom (November 2019)
AAC&U: VALUE Rubric Webinar (October 2019)
NEH: Discovering NEH Opportunities (September 2019)
AAC&U: e-Portfolio Webinar (May 2019)
Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education: Faith in a Seed: Strategies for Nurturing and Embedding Contemplative Approaches on our Campuses (April 2019)
Pearson Publishing: Scaffolding Student Research through Engaged Learning: The Multimodal Research Log (April 2018)
Pearson Publishing: Reading Texts Online (April 2018)