Teaching Experience


Saint Joseph’s College of Maine        August 2018 to present
Associate Professor of English
Awarded Tenure in March 2021. Teach courses in literature, composition and creative writing. Work on course development and curriculum design. Represent discipline at College Fair, Admitted Students Day, and other College events. Revised Departmental Learning Objectives and designed Departmental assignment tags for e-Portfolio artifacts. Advised English Majors and Minors.

St. Francis College        January 2015 to August 2018
Associate Professor, Department of English
        Faculty member in Women’s Studies Program and American Studies Program.

St. Francis College        January 2015
Awarded Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

St. Francis College        September 2010 to January 15 2015
Assistant Professor, Department of English

St. Francis College        September 2007 to August 2010
Lecturer, Department of English

 St. Francis College        January 2004 to May 2007
Adjunct Instructor, Department of English

St. Francis College        January 2003 to May 2007
Adjunct Instructor,
Department of Philosophy


Digital Humanities Program
        Currently working to develop a Digital Humanities Program including a Major and Minor in DH.

Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing
        Assisted in the development of the College’s Low Residency MFA. The Program launched on July 5, 2017 with its first 10-day residency period.

Freshman Composition Course
        Designed and oversaw implementation of new master syllabus and assignment sequence for required freshman composition course.


New Courses Developed

Saint Joseph’s College New Literature Courses (Designed and Taught)

  • America in the 1940s
  • American War Writing
  • Contemporary Women’s Poetry
  • Detective Fiction to Science Fiction Tales
  • Foundational Literature of Feminism (Independent Study)
  • Introduction to American Literature
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities (for Fall 2021)
  • Maine Literature
  • Post-Apocalypse Literature
  • Stephen King (on campus and online)

St. Francis College New Literature Courses (Designed and Taught)

  • Contemporary American Women’s Poetry
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities
  • Literature of the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Major Authors: Elizabeth Bishop

St. Francis College New Upper-Division English Seminars (Designed and Taught)

  • American Wasteland: King, McCarthy and Post-Apocalyptic Literature
  • Cyborgs, Monsters and the Transhuman (Tutorial)
  • Echoes of Gettysburg: History, Myth and Storytelling
  • Nuclear Nightmares: Storytelling After the A-Bomb
  • Ray Bradbury: Storyteller
  • Stephen King: Master Storyteller
  • Thesis Research and Proposal (Tutorial)
  • Translation and Adaptation
  • Young Adult Literature (for Education Majors with an English Concentration)

St. Francis College New Honors Courses (Designed and Taught)

  • Freshman Seminar 2009/2010
    Semester 1:  Aesthetics
    Semester 2:  Film & Literature
  • Freshman Seminar 2013/2014
    Semester 1:  Life out of Balance
    Semester 2:  Sustainable Environment in the Arts
  • Upper-Division Seminar: Metaphors of Movement in Women’s Poetry
  • Upper-Division Seminar: Science Fiction and the Examined Life (Team-Designed and Team-Taught)

St. Francis College New Interdisciplinary Courses (Designed and Taught)

  • America in the 1940s (Offered in the American Studies Program)
  • Crime, Justice and American Literature (Team-Designed and Team-Taught)
  • Philosophy and the Moving Image (Team-Designed and Team-Taught)
  • Philosophy and Science Fiction (Team-Designed and Team-Taught)

Departmental Courses Revised and Taught

Saint Joseph’s College Literature and Composition Courses

  • British Writers I
  • College Writing
  • Creative Writing (Tutorial/Directed Study)
  • The English Profession in the Digital Age (Directed Study)
  • Literary Research
  • Nature and Application of English Grammar
  • Women in Literature (Tutorial/Directed Study)

St. Francis College Literature Courses

  • Auster, Updike and the Postmodern Novel
  • Brooklyn: Film & Fiction
  • Constructing Gender
  • The Emerging Female Voice
  • From Detective Stories to Romance Novels: Genre and Theory
  • Readings in American Literature 1950-2001
  • War and Writing in American Literature

St. Francis College Composition Courses

  • Basic Writing (Developmental Freshman Composition)
    Traditional and Hybrid Sections
  • Business Communication
    Converted to an Online Course
  • Writing in the Public Sphere (Freshman Composition)
    Traditional, Hybrid and Online Sections
    Linked Sections (with Basic Problems in Philosophy course)


  • America in the 1960s
  • From the Earth to the Moon: SF and Space Travel
  • Literature of World War I
  • Moore, Bishop, and Schulman: A Poetic Genealogy
  • Stephen King’s American Wasteland
  • Upper-Division English Seminar: Norma Jean and the Construction of Marilyn Monroe
  • The Vietnam Conflict in Film and Fiction